Conference Agenda

For the last nine years, the Substation Best Practices Consortium has led an electric utility community focused on Substation Maintenance, Construction, and Asset Management. Membership and scope has grown each year since its inception in 2013. The consortium brings together electric utilities that are committed to continuous performance improvement in their operations, believe that such improvement can come from the experience of others, and have a genuine desire to learn through the sharing of practices. Its objective is to provide members with key insights and help them develop a network of industry contacts to enable them to optimize their substation maintenance practices, reduce risk while maximizing the life- cycle value of their assets, and more effectively manage workforce productivity. The Best Practice Sharing Conference is the main event of the consortium’s activities. This year’s conference will be held virtually from October 11-12.

The event will feature the following topics:

1. Operational Analytics and Condition Monitoring:

  • STEAM (Substation & Transmission Enterprise Asset Management) & Mobility (hardware and software solutions), migration for asset performance and work management
  • Dashboards for Transformer LTC’s/ Batteries/ Breakers Health algorithm/assessments
  • Transformer Spares Strategy, STEP program (EEI), and Grid Assurance
  • Asset Lifecycle Management Analysis to Select Bushing Technology with the Optimal Combinations of Costs,

    Risks and Performance

  • Data Analytics for Reliability Engineering
  • Touchless Substation Progress and/or Vision
  • Eagle Eye Battery Monitoring & Backhaul Monitoring Network Solutions, and Touchless Substation Tie-ins.

2. Control and Protection Monitoring:

  • Powerbase RTS merging, field testing solutions, and compliance requirements
  • Contracting Relay & Commissioning Strategy

3. Safety & Wildlife Management:

  • Implementation of the best practices for safety management systems SMS from oil and gas to an electric utility. Success story
  • Wildlife outage prevention solutions Transgard, bird lasers, bird buffer, sniff-n-stop, other solutions
  • E-source-wildlife outage prediction (data science)

4. Transversal Processes – Workforce Management:

  • Specifications, Engineering and Equipment Standards, and Alliance agreements
  • Advanced Forecasting
  • Future work management
  • Transmission & Distribution Substation Modeling
  • Supply Chain Disruption Challenges and Alternatives

5. Impact of new technologies on Substations:

  • Distributed Energy Resources
  • Operational Flexibility with FACTS